Friday, September 8, 2017

Loss of Light Among Most, But An Increase Among Others

God has also declared that a gathering and Zion will occur. He has to fullfill His own words from before. God has always wanted a Covenant People to gather and grant divine protection and blessings to, as a group. God needs a group of people in the last days to do what He has always said He is going to do in the Last Days since Adam. To complete the failed mission of the gentile LDS. The same thing that was attempted with Joseph and Hyrum, but failed. Snuffer is being used to forewarn the world for the disasters prior to the Second Coming and also used to begin the last days gathering of all remnants into one. He has been instructed on the failures of the past, to help us avoid them again this time around. People who enter the covenant, become adopted into the House of IsraEL, no longer wandering "gentiles". The "Kings and Queens" of the gentiles will be used to gather in the rest of the wandering biological seed of Israel/Joseph/Lehi. We have a very serious mission. If we do not hold up to our part of the deal as a group, God will use others, or the few among us that will do what He requires and asks. The tares will be filtered out from among the wheat.

The BOM is a warning of what will happen in "this land" of America. Things will get so bad that just as what happened to the Jaredites and Nephites, will occur again in our time. The unrepentant LDS, who do not hear the word of the Lord for themselves that this Covenant Group and Snuffer is legit, will not be granted protection when the natural distaster warnings and severe cleansing of this land occurs. In fact, the Heavens are very bothered that the LDS (where God last interacted with a group on earth in the 1800's), are failing in large part to hear His warning voice through His servants and personal revelation. Even though they agree in LDS temples to look for divine messengers and connect with God themselves, they also agree to utter destruction (or the Judgements of God as it was later altered - but it still fits) if they do not hold up to everything that is intended to be taught to them there. The LDS rejection of what God tried to teach them to look out for in the last days in a temple ritual, is the very trigger for the natural disasters and allowing the wicked to do the cleansing that will occur on this land again. They agreed to it, over and over, each time they stand up and say yes in those temples. All of our scriptures warn to avoid group think failure, and assume all is well. But if they searched intently and understood the scriptures and pondered them deep enough, they would always be watchful of group-think pride and avoid thinking everything is just dandy. An honest comparison to the prophets like Joseph Smith and all those who fill our scriptures, would clearly inform anyone among the LDS what is lacking individually and as a group. The scriptures and temple ritual also informs us all what we are personally lacking. We always talked about applying scripture to ourselves, but we LDS were not actually doing it for the most part.

God is talking with many within the LDS Remnant movement. He has in fact created a Covenant Group, in which some of them (among other literal blood Israelites) can become a part of the last days Zion gathering into one. God has instructed the Heavens to teach and prepare Snuffer for 40 years for the very calling he has already been performing. The Covenant People have been born. The stars/constellations will align Sep 23, 2017 to confirm the birth of such a people, and their gathering responsibilities. And will also warn of the coming darkness and spiritual war that is coming in an evil attempt to devour and destroy these people. Opposition. When God moves, so does His adversary. Adversaries try to win by taking steps to conquer and win before their rival does. As darkness begins to spread over the earth like never before, which was symbolized in the solar eclipse August 21, 2017 (that divine message was given to me in the moment of eclipse totality in Idaho Falls - while I had no intention of thinking anything symbolic of it - just hangin with my kiddos), even so at nearly the same time period, new light and a Covenant people have been born. We will see the gulf. New scripture and greater light/understanding/knowledge will be taught to this Covenant Group to give them more light, as the world gets darker and darker. More spiritual experiences will occur. God blesses those who individually and as a group seek Him, and do what He asks. As the world grows darker in anger and division, including other follow the leader no matter what minded LDS, and as the calamaties become worse and worse... we will see the difference. Others will eventually see it, even if they still won't believe God would do that kind of work outside the mainstream LDS leadership. It's easier to analyze and judge others, but seeing our own issues/errors, is always harder.

Hear it for yourselves. Intellectually and spiritually SEE and HEAR what is occurring now. I searched these things for years before they began, before I ever knew about Snuffer, and knew they were coming soon. Just not this soon. I fear my own lack of preparation and connection. Despite that which I know I still lack, we still have a mission to perform. The same mission the LDS failed to do in the 1800's. God has set His hand a second time to complete the mission in preparation for the Second Coming event. Everything is lining up. Eventually, it will take some serious cognitive dissonance (avoidance/ignoring reality) to reject what will occur among this Covenant Group

New Covenant People Are Born Sep 2, 2017

Quoting Denver Snuffer from the Conference:

"The spirit of God is withdrawing from the world. Men are increasingly more angry without good cause. The hearts of men are waxing cold. There is increasing anger and resentment of gentiles. In political terms, it’s rejection of white privilege. Language of scriptures description of the events now underway calls it the end of the times of the gentiles. This process with the spirit withdrawing, will end on this continent as two prior civilization ended, in fratricidal and genocidal warfare. For the rest of the world, it will be as in the days of Noah in which, as that light becomes eclipsed, the coldness of men’s hearts is going to result in a constant scene of violence and bloodshed. The wicked will destroy the wicked. The covenant, if it is kept, will prevent you from losing light and warmth of heart as the spirit now steadily recedes from the world. The time will come, when you will be astonished at the gulf between the light and truth you will comprehend and the darkness of mind of the world. Be charitable and patient and labor to reach others. They will judge you harshly, but nevertheless be kind to them. They are going to grow to fear you, but that’s only part of how darkness responds to light. Give them no reason to fear you. The time will come for us to gather, but between now and then be leaven. Preserve the world. Be salt. Preserve the world. Even if it hates you."