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Doctrine of Christ Conference

March 18th – 19th 2017 — St. George, Utah, USA


The website at is being updated with the following information on February 27, 2017



About this Conference


The idea for this spring conference came after the September 2016 Boise Doctrine of Christ Conference where an amazing thing happened – people said they felt something entirely new and different there. For the first time, after so many years of hearing about Zion and reading about Zion, some of us found real hope that we really can learn to love each other enough to live together in a city of peace.


That's what the Doctrine of Christ Conference in Boise gave us, and that's what we pray that the St. George Doctrine of Christ Conference will become to those who gather there this spring. Every detail of what we have planned and sacrificed in order to make this conference happen is to invite our Lord to be present, again, and to feel that sweet spirit of fellowship that makes life worth living.  


Who we are


We are a few friends and believers in the Doctrine of Christ as taught in The Book of Mormon. We are not a formal organization or fellowship.

This conference is non-denominational and is not affiliated with any organized religion. There is no specific group hosting this event – we're all just individuals contributing our time and effort to make this happen. The heavy lifting for the web site, and technical help with sound and recording comes from some of the Boise folks who did it before and are kind enough to do it again so we don't have to reinvent the wheel. We thank them sincerely.




We chose Southern Utah for several reasons. One is for the sheer beauty of the place. Another good reason is the warmer spring weather in the Southern Utah area. But proximity to our friends in California, Arizona and Nevada was most important to us, since St. George is about halfway between them and our North Idaho and Canadian friends. Having this conference at the crossroads will, we hope, make it a little easier for those who were unable to make the drive to Boise. God brought us together, we want to stay together. 


Spring break is a tough time to find room at the inn in this area. Hopefully, if you haven't yet booked a room you can still find a place nearby in the surrounding areas of Mesquite, La Verkin, Hurricane, Cedar City, or Parowan.


Please make your reservations ASAP.


With what we anticipate being shared in the presentations at this conference,

and also the spirit which will attend it, we encourage you to expend any effort to come if you are impressed to do so, in spite of difficulty. There is a place provided at the end of this page for you to request help, or to provide help for those who are requesting lodging, but please be aware that options are very limited. The organizers are few in number but will do what we can to assist. 


The timing and the date of this conference


Spring Equinox is a time each year when light begins to overcome the darkness

of winter. This is the perfect time to gather again with old friends, to make new friends, and to rejoice in the light of new revelations coming forth in our day. The conference presentations of Saturday March 18th, and Sunday March 19th will provide a natural transition into the actual day of Equinox: Monday, March 20, 2017.


The planners had originally envisioned organizing a conference sunrise service at the Parowan Gap Monday morning, but have decided instead to focus all logistical time and resources on the speaking and Sacrament sessions of the conference. We leave it to individuals and families to create the Parowan Gap sunrise experience on their own. Maps of Parowan Gap and other interesting local areas will be available at the welcome tables at both venues, and drive directions are provided below.    


The venues  


As we first contemplated organizing this conference and searched for locations, the impression came to go big or go home. We knew we needed to plan for at least a thousand people, probably more since general press releases will go out in Las Vegas, St. George and Salt Lake City. There are many considerations for a group this size, especially families with small children. The Cox Center for the Performing Arts seemed perfect. There's seating for 1,200, an easy access location, good parking, clean accessible restrooms, and great acoustics for speakers and recording. There is a carpeted foyer for toddlers to roam, and piped sound and video to the foyer for any overflow crowd.


The Cox Center is on the campus of Dixie State University and therefore alcohol is not allowed on the premises. It's a great place for speakers, but we found that there was just no way to do a conference Sacrament service there. 


We wanted to be able to provide a place where the Sacrament with wine could be served, so we had to rent a separate "wine friendly" place. That's the reason there are two venues. The Hilton Garden Inn was chosen because of proximity to Cox, and because the ballroom seats about 400.  If needed, we can provide two Sacrament services, one after the other, to accommodate all of those who would like to take the Sacrament at this conference. The earlier Sacrament will start at 6:00 pm, and a second Sacrament service may be available at about 8:00 pm if there are those who were not able to take the Sacrament at 6 pm. Families with small children may want to attend the earlier Sacrament meeting.  


The Hilton charges a $5.00 per bottle (or per canning jar) "corkage" fee for any wine brought from outside, so we are asking that families please do not bring your own wine to this Sacrament meeting. All wine and grape juice will be provided.  


We have secured the Hilton from 8 am to 10 pm Saturday as a general meeting and gathering place. After the last Sacrament there will be time available for socializing at the Hilton until 10 pm. Although a welcome table will be available and there will be greeters there off and on during the day Saturday, the Hilton is not available to us on Sunday. 


When we got the actual cost figures for renting the Cox Auditorium and the Hilton Garden Inn we were nearly overwhelmed. We were trying to figure out how in the world we could possibly do this when a donor stepped up and provided the cash contribution which enabled us to secure both places under contract. Of course that person wishes to remain anonymous, but we hope that when he/she is sitting there in the audience surrounded by all of us experiencing the blessing of being able to witness this event, the magnitude of the effect of that generosity will warm the heart and soul of our donor.


There are significant costs associated with any large event like this. We're not out of the woods yet and are doing our best to cover the remainder of the costs of the venues, all the Sacrament bread and wine for 800 people, program printing, etc.


We could sure use your help to cover these costs. Anything you can contribute is needed. On the web page at is a place to contribute, if you can. Please know that after basic conference costs are covered 100% of all extra funds will go directly to those in need of financial assistance.


Saturday morning baptisms


We have scheduled 9:00 am for baptisms at Ivins Reservoir, in order to allow time to get back to St. George, dress, eat lunch and make it to the Cox Auditorium for the start of the Saturday conference at 1:00 pm. But baptisms can of course be any day or time which you prefer.


There are other places around the area for living water baptisms. One warm springs pool is close by has a steep trail down to it. (See notes at the end for detail.) Maps and information will be available at the welcome tables, and from contacting the Born of Water web host directly yourself, which we encourage you to do if you have any questions. That link is listed on the website.     


Ivins Reservoir is about 12 miles from St. George, and is easily accessible for baptisms at any time. It's a public place, so there may possibly be others there, but that's not very likely at 9 am in March. The water is quite refreshing (OK, really cold). There are no public restrooms but we're planning for a tent to be there for changing and dressing. If you think you may want to be baptized, please bring your own extra towels. Someone with authority from Jesus Christ will be at Ivins Reservoir at 9:00 am to baptize you if you have not brought someone yourself. (There will not be anyone standing by at other baptism sites besides Ivins.) Information on how to get to Ivins Reservoir is posted on the web site.


The Speakers and the Program


After a lot of prayer, and our willingness to let the Lord indicate who the speakers should be - each one of the speakers became an obvious choice to contribute their particular perspective on an aspect of The Doctrine of Christ.   


Their topics and speaking order will be listed in a later update. For now we have confirmed the following as speakers; Rob and Quintina BearChief Adolfo, Denver Snuffer, Karen Strong, Jeanene Custer, John Pratt, Chris Hamill, and Paul Durham. There may be others to come. 


All conference speakers will be recorded, and their talks will be made available on the Doctrine of Christ Conference website at a later date. Where possible, transcripts of talks will also be made available. Denver Snuffer's talk may also be available on his website in audio and transcript form at a later date.  


All conference prayers will be by invitation. Various musical numbers will be presented, as detailed in the printed programs which will be available at the welcome tables. There will also be congregational hymns. Testimonies at the Saturday Sacrament meeting are by inspiration and invitation. Because of time restraints there will not be an open testimony mic at this conference, but hopefully the time will soon come when that is possible.   


Although starting times of each session are fixed, as noted below, we have reserved additional time at both venues in order to make the ending times flexible enough to accommodate the spirit of whatever is being presented. Be aware that ending times may go over what is posted.


Both Chris Hamill and Denver Snuffer will have Q and A time in the speaking schedule.  3x5 cards for writing your questions for both Chris and Denver will be available at the welcome tables. A submission button tor questions for Denver will be active on the Doctrine of Christ website shortly.


General Schedule


Saturday, March 18


9:00 am        Baptisms

                        Ivins Reservoir


1:00 pm -      Welcome and Saturday Conference Session

4:30 pm        Cox Center for the Performing Arts

                        Dixie State University

                        325 S 700 E

                        St. George, Utah 84770 


6:00 pm-       Sacrament Meeting/Testimonies/Music/Social Gathering

10:00 pm      Hilton Garden Inn

                        1731 S. Convention Center Dr.

                        St. George, Utah 84970

                        (435) 634-4100



Sunday, March 19


9:00 am -      Sunday Conference Session

1:00 pm        Cox Center for the Performing Arts

                        Dixie State University

                        325 S 700 E

                        St. George, Utah 84770 


There will be an additional information update to the Doctrine of Christ website about a week before the conference with more detail. With what we anticipate being shared in the presentations at this conference, and also the spirit which will attend it, we encourage you to expend any effort to come if you are impressed to do so. We sincerely hope you will come and we look forward to seeing you there.            


With love, and in the name of Our Savior and Redeemer Jesus Christ,


The St. George Doctrine of Christ Conference

Organizing Committee

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Recent Sunday Studies

Some Mental Brain Storming From Sunday:

There are important things that Snuffer hinted about in The First Three Words (found in the book Essays: Three Degrees or in the link below), trying to help us realize we need to "see" where we are.

Add that to a prior discussion about the need of being fore-ordained with "priesthood" prior to coming here (or it's like ordaining a sack of flour), and the "Noble & Great" degree talked about by Abraham. There seems to be different degrees or levels of spirits that come to mortality based upon prior progression/failure ("3 degrees"). Another part caught my curiosity, when Snuffer said something about Ham's wife Egyptus not aware about being caught up into a city of Enoch like the others did (Snuffer also references this comment to Moses 7:22 and Abraham 1:22-23)... though all 8 stayed in the ark to continue the mortal experience after a major cleansing. Also important is the need to be "Complete", by having a certain promise and an eternal relationship... even prior to ascending to the Lord's Presence (a Throne Ascension). If some who come into this life are not even able to hold priesthood based on their not passing/keeping their first mortal estate, not having it fore-ordained before this life according to Alma... then we must presume that not all can have greater things that require priesthood as a foundation, like C&E promises, some sealing authority, eternal relationship and throne ascensions(seeing the face of God). I pondered about the Lord and the crumbs to dogs comment to the lady who wanted healed (and He eventually does heal her), and Him coming only to work with IsraEl (the family of God), etc. Which brings to mind why some are placed in the mortal circumstances that they are, who gets certain opportunities. And what about the talk about some cursed lineages not holding priesthood in the past (I mean why are some spirits placed into those lineages -or other harsh living environments- in the first place, and how long do such curses continue - 3 or 4 generations after that family ceases the carried on error or at the time of Christ's Atonement?)... prior to and after dividing up "priesthood" into 3 different levels; or Joseph or Brigham doing some kind of marital re-arrangements; which later morphed into Brigham selfishly thinking a man with more priesthood can have the wife (if she so chooses) of a husband who has lesser (or none at all I would assume falls into that). What if there is something to matching up spouses on similar progression level/degrees that BY later altered for his selfish benefit? Can a Terrestial degree (second estate) person have an eternal union with someone Telestial (first estate) in the same mortality? The Noble and Great already obtained C&E, Eternal Sealed Relationships, etc before coming here, and then have those things restored or re-confirmed to them here (like Denver said about Joseph Smith in 1832 in the Mission of Elijah)? Who could even non-pridefully accept, let alone declare openly, to "see" that they were among the Noble and Great in the first place, even if true? Then think about plural wives of prophets in the Bible (even Denver discusses in PTHG and Mission of Elijah of the two rare reasons it can be lived and how Joseph progressed for being obedient to it though he personally found it morally wrong) and what ever actually occurred in Joseph Smith's history. Maybe we can better see when such things might be a necessity.

Gets the wheels turning. Had some further inspiration and instructions (more stuff I find hard to digest). Then reading NT and other writings seemed to shed more light later that same day. 

We gotta have the proper foundation to really understand. The full gospel is complex. Anyway, back to publicly debating little things online like some arguing about saving for a Temple to redeem Zion... good grief, what's it gonna be like when gathering occurs, actual temple building, temple ordinances, sharing, etc.


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Sunday, October 30, 2016

Time To Prepare

"The task of Zion is far more daunting than the foolish imagination of the human heart. If we soberly assess what is left to be accomplished, we would all repent and cooperate with one another, lending whatever strength we have to the task. We would stop fighting and opposing one another, and ask what we could do to aid."
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